Taiga Information:

Quick Annual Stats:
Temperature0°F to 100°F
Rainfall10 to 30 inches
Dewpointsummer: > 50°F, winter: < 0°F
Soilpoor; often acidic
The taiga, boreal forest, or coniferous forest, is found on all of the northern continents above 40° latitude. It is also found in alpine regions where temperatures are severely cold/dry in the winter. Air temperature varies annually, often above 100°F in the summer and far below 0°F in the winter. Rainfall is low, usually less than 10 inches annually. Sunlight in the northern boreal forest is low, but it can be much higher in alpine regions. The soil is usually very poor and rocky with little nutrients. The major producers are the coniferous trees, including pines, spruce, fir, and douglas-fir. The major animals include black and grizzly bear, foxes, wolves, deer, and birds of many types. Reptiles are relatively rare.

Mills lake, Rocky Mountain National Park.
By skuensting

Below Ouzel Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park.
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Bristle cone pines (oldest trees) at treeline, Mount Evans, Colorado.
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Glacier Gorge trail, Rocky Mountain National Park.
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Regeneration of a fire-burned area, Rocky Mountain National Park.
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Taiga Distribution Map

By GeForce3 (Wiki Commons) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons