Letter of Recommendation Request Form: Mr. Kuensting
  1. The purpose of this form is to get your best letter of recommendation turned in to whoever needs it..
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  3. Answer the questions below and tell me as much as possible about yourself.
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Student Name:  
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List all classes you had with Mr. Kuensting as a teacher. List your First Semester and Second Semester grades after each class:

What is the purpose of the letter of recommendation? (job/award/college app., etc.):

Behaviors: Specifically describe specific course activities or behaviors that are noteworthy from your classroom experiences in the courses listed above. Please be as detailed as possible. For example, you may participate in class discussions far more than the average student,work extraordinarily in lab, etc...:

Character Traits: Many other students are surely applying to the job/institution/award you are applying for. What qualities can Mr. Kuensting include in the letter that allow you to stand above the rest?

Cocurricular/Extracurricular Activities: What have you done outside the classroom that you would like mentioned in the letter?

Other: Is there anything else that can be included in your letter of recommendation, such as awards or life experiences? Think big - what else can make you unique among your peers?